We are really happy to now announce that EasyIO Europe will join the Johnson Controls organisation as of the 10th July 2020. The combination of EasyIO Europe and Johnson Controls is a world beating solution set and will empower you to expand your horizons, delivering the best of everything and delivering truly integrated and smart buildings to your customers.

Johan Schakenraad, EasyIO Europe

Is your city ready for the future?

We are taking cities and the buildings within, into the future, through open, connected and always on technology that can only reach their full potential with your knowledge, your skill and your imagination. We are ready for the future, are you ready to join us?


Our goal is to lead the way in transforming the building management & HVAC sector through ground breaking solutions that disrupt a stagnant industry through technical excellence, innovative and intuitive solution development capabilities and collaborating with the market side by side.

EasyIO FW Series

next level control

  • 8 UI
  • 4 AO (voltage)
  • 2 Relay DO
  • 1 RS485
  • 2 Ethernet 10/100 BaseT port
  • Support Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Support Sedona VM
  • Support SOX, TCOM, FGP2P
  • BACnet Client IP / MSTP (5 devices)
  • BACnet IP server
  • SQLite (10 tables × 20 columns × 500 records)
  • Email
  • Dashboard (Freeboard)

The BEMS industry is in the middle of a revolution, as the IoT and IT industry finally brings the demand for change in what has been a stagnant market.

With new entrants into the smart building arena such as Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others, the demand is now for smart as a norm. With all devices having intelligence built in, and when connectivity becomes pervasive through whatever means, WiFi, 4G or 5G, or directly wired ethernet connections to everything, the BEMS industry needs to comply to this demand and meet the challenge. With IP v.6 and Web 2.0, how do we provide solutions that are easier to deploy, smarter, quicker and more responsive?

EasyIO centres all development of products and solutions around IP, ethernet, WiFi and IT security standards. This has the impact of introducing standards into BEMS, a market dependent on its legacy products and not used to conforming to standards!

Our strategy is to take standards driven existing technologies and build our controls capability on top of them, this brings an IoT price strategy to market and disrupts the established market players who continue to profit out of pushing old technology with no lifespan.

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