EasyIO can only be successful with an intelligent, well trained and experienced Partner community, we believe that our success to date and in the future can only be done Side by Side working with our Partners to build success.

Our Partner programs have been in position for some years now and have changed from time to time to improve and offer services that our Partners demand. Some key advantages are:


  • Instructive training courses for CPT Tools & the EasyIO F-series
  • EasyIO Direct support – help desk tools and ticketing system, ability to communicate directly with EasyIO engineering, onsite support when required
  • EasyIO Sales Support – design, customer meeting and sales support in region by EasyIO employees
  • High quality, unlimited support
  • Licence-free CPT Tools
  • Regular software updates
  • Annual workshops
  • Special partner multiplier based on annual sales
  • Your company logo on our products (optional)

We are continuously looking for system integrators, resellers, distributors and OEM’s that are willing to become our partner.


Partner Programs

EasyIO Account: ideal for small engineering companies with limited numbers of engineers. Must be trained through official EasyIO Training courses delivered directly by EasyIO or official delivery partners in region and have an annual support contract in place.

EasyIO Partner:  targeted at medium to large engineering companies or highly specialised integration companies working in the IoT space. Training and a support contracts are supplemented by a Partner contract that outlines specific business targets that we agree and resource together, with sales and marketing plans plus key target activities together.

Please contact EasyIO at sales@easyio.leveladvertising.co.uk for more information.


The Benefits of our Partner Program

Measuring how we perform together is critical to our continued development as an organisation and a community, with the Partner program we have a mechanism to communicate, work together and improve, targeting our combined success and delivering the Future of our industry. As a part of the Partner Contract we perform an annual review with you and this should focus on how we can create a combined focus, look at our successes and improve on areas that require attention. The EasyIO Community is just that, and increasingly we find Partners are sharing experiences with our solutions, advising each other in new technologies or new business areas such as IoT or Big Data platforms, this is definitely how we wish to continue developing the Community.



As EasyIO adds complexity and technology to our solutions, ongoing Training is critical and essential to our success. Our support and technical team are constantly developing our learning curriculum and we offer both bespoke and standard courses to suit your needs. For those complex integration challenges with your customers we will sit with your team and define the solution and then establish specific training plans for you and your end clients if necessary.

Our training encompasses our whole solution set, including our controls range and also with our Tridium solutions.

Contact us for any specific needs at sales@easyio.leveladvertising.co.uk.



In 2019 EasyIO introduced a ticketing system for support queries to provide traceability of resolution, permit us to analyse the common issues in order to improve response times, generate FAQ easy access advise on our Partner web location, influences training programs and can help us identify Partner training specific demands, and give us clear internal and external escalation procedures to deliver the quickest ticket resolution. All support queries should be raised via the email address support@easyio.leveladvertising.co.uk. Of course, there are still calls directly into our Technical and Support teams, these calls will be entered onto the system by our team to ensure we are capturing all calls.

The EasyIO Support teams are linked globally by our systems and ticketing, this provides potential 24 hour coverage for our global customers who work across the time zones, with our support and technical teams being located in the UK, Netherlands, India, Malaysia, Australia and US.