In this two four floors buildings for accommodation and exhibition spaces, P.A.K. Melo Oy installed a bms system with 2 EasyIO FG-32+’s, 1 EasyIO 30P, 3 EasyIO FC-20’s and 2 Systemview 10’s. The air handling units are controlled by an FG-32+. The heat pumps are integrated through a modbus RTU connection. The Systemview 10 displays HTML5 graphics locally. A remote connection makes it possible to monitor the sites. The history databases for the heat pumps make them work energy efficient.

The automation of these two buildings was part of a big energy saving project by heating modification and air handlers. The project was partly retrofit, the flexibility of EasyIO products was needed in this case. Knowledge of different processes and integrating them together was crucial when the system integrator was appointed, says Sami Hassinen from P.A.K. Melo Oy.