CPT Tools is an open source software programming tool that provides third party configuration and management tools for products that run in a Sedona environment, such as the FG series, the FC series, the FW series and the 30P. Our EasyIO F-series are boosted with the latest technology onboard, like HTML5, PHP, SQL, embedded gateways and protocols. CPT Tools has the ability to configure and manage the webserver on the EasyIO F-series.

  • You can always take a look a the CPT Tools demo. The demo is temporarily offline due to maintenance.
  • On the CPT Tools key points page you can read about the key points of the tool.
  • Below you can read about the features of the CPT tool and see some screenshots (click to enlarge).


CPT Tools Workspace

The Workspace is the location for developing application programs. There is a view finder in the top right corner of the Workspace sheet. The view finder enables simple object location and worksheet navigation within the workspace. Objects can be added to the Workspace from different ways.

Kit Management

CPT Tools Kit Management

Kit Management in CPT Tools is used to manage the Sedona kits in a Sedona controller. The Kit Manager will display all the kits that are installed in CPT Tools Sedona folder or in the Sedona folder selected.

Graphics for web browser

CPT Tools Graphics

CPT Tools comes with a built-in feature for creating graphical pages that can be viewed in a web browser. Specific to the EasyIO FG Series is the possibility to build graphics in the controller itself (on the mircoSD card).

CPT Tools Web Graphics

History Chart with SQL database

CPT Tools SQL History

The EasyIO FG Series has a SQL Lite program in its VM. The SQL Lite is capable of storing history into tables and columns. SQL Lite table data can be displayed in CPT web graphics. This feature is only available with CPT graphics.

CPT Tools Web SQL

Adapter Widget

CPT Tools Adapter Widget

CPT Tools already provides many widgets for a user to choose from when building CPT graphics. But since it is hard to meet all user’s diverse requirements, we brought the Adapter Widget in. The Adapter Widget already handles the logics of data communication, applies basic widget properties and loads javascript/css files, so the developer of Adapter Widget can just focus on the specific logic of his own widget.

Backup and restore via web browser

CPT Tools Web Restore

The CPT Tools webserver has an option for backups and restores of the Sedona application. This option backups the Sedona application as well as the graphics from the SD card.

CPT Tools Web Backup


CPT Tools Dashboard

The EasyIO FG+ series dashboard is a built-in feature that enables users to present important data in dashboard form. It is a very handy tool and feature for small scale implementation. And most important it is free. Presenting data to end users is simple and fast.