CPT Tools is a unique software tool to program our Sedona controllers. On this page the key points of the tool are explained.

General CPT Tools features

  • A complete tool; Sedona live programming, web graphics setup and development, dashboard widget management, backup and restore, kit management, kit development and more.
  • Built based on open source technologies: Qt, PHP, jQuery Backbone.js, Bootstrap, SQLite database and dozens of JavaScript graphic libraries.
  • Green software; no installation, no dependency, no Windows registry mess. It’s simple, with everything in one folder.
  • An international tool since the first day of development. It’s easy to translate, even for non-technical people. Until now it’s been translated into Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Chinese and Korean.
  • Follows the Open Web Standards, so it’s easy to be customized and extended. It even provides RESTful Web Data API to be integrated with third party services and is fully ready for IoT.
  • Backup and restore everything: Sedona apps, graphics files and the history database, you can do it within CPT Tools or from the web page.
  • CPT Tools can even backup itself, to the SD card of the EasyIO F-Series controllers. You will never lose the version you need.

CPT Tools Graphics Development

  • Provides you a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment to develop graphic web application.
  • Provides basic HVAC widgets, and customizing it to use your favourite HVAC images is easy.
  • Graphic files are based on open standard text formats like XML, allowing the use of standard text editors for more advanced edit if required.
  • Built-in Adapter Widget framework makes developing widgets (charting, buttons, etc.) based on widely available JavaScript libraries (D3.js, Highcharts,
  • FusionCharts, etc.) easy. CPT Tools provides a comprehensive debugging and test environment to make it even easier.
  • Comes with several widgets developed with the Adapter Widget framework. You can just use those or take them as examples to develop your own widgets.

CPT Tools Graphics UI (Web Client + Dashboard)

  • Graphic User Libraries can pack all used images, JavaScript, CSS, etc. into a package so it can easily be reused or shared between users.
  • The dashboard is based upon a powerful open source dashboard, freeboard. It is easy to use and comes with dozens of widgets, integration with third party data sources by MQTT, JSON, etc.
  • Most of the Adapter Widgets can be converted and used as Dashboard widget by one click. Develop once and use it twice.
  • Iframe support for easy integration of other web contents in CPT graphics pages, like weather forecasts, video cameras, etc.
  • User management and access permission control on graphics built-in and controlled from the web pages.

Sedona live programming (wire sheet)

  • Allow programing of the whole range of EasyIO controllers with same tool (EasyIO 30P, FC, FG, FW, FS).
  • Supports multiple project login details for better organization and faster access with passwords store.
  • Powerful search functionality for components on kits and on the wire sheets.
  • Multiple selection and editing of object properties.
  • Copy and move objects between folders while keeping an external links option.
  • Clear link’s layout and identify by flashing link or at links toolbar.
  • Undo and redo functions with large histories.
  • Ability to create custom libraries for control strategies and reuse it later, even in a different project.
  • Take a full screenshot of wire sheets or a selection, for an easy reference to control strategies.
  • Wide wire sheet for easy arrangement of control strategies.
  • Auto save function for controls strategies on the fly.
  • Right click context menu on wire sheet to add new or recently used components faster.
  • Easy navigation between control folders with “go to linked component” context menu or locate and flash from the links sidebar / wire sheet.

Sedona kit management & development

  • Flexible Sedona data folders organisation for kits based on: versions, internal use, development, etc.
  • Built-in line by line programing tool and compiler with Sedona language to allow customers to make their own code optimized objects and license them if required.
  • Sedona code editor supports syntax highlight, plain keyword auto completion, code snippet, code structure navigation, etc. to make coding fast.
  • Build and install feature streamlines the process (code → build → install → reconnect) in one click.