As a building owner or facility manager you need a reliable building energy management system and you want to keep the costs of the building as low as possible. There are many different users in a building, all with different requirements and all want to work and live in a healthy and comfortable environment. As a system integrator you need a flexible system, easy to install, manage and maintain.

EasyIO makes it possible to fulfil these requirements with an open and fresh approach for building automation and energy platforms: the F-series. These controllers are boosted with the latest technology on board, like HTML5, PHP, SQL, embedded gateways and protocols. And, there is no additional license fee. But they have more:

Bring Your Own Device

The F-series have a built-in HTML5 web server hosting your graphics. You can build your graphic the way you want to. They are also touch panel and mobile phone friendly.


Connect energy-meters by using the built-in technologies. All the universal inputs can read pulses. Electricity, water and gas meters are easy to connect.


EasyIO Product Matrix

Let the content find you. Our controllers can push your data, email and can handle HTTP requests. Where is the limit? They have a built-in SQLite database and a management tool. The SD-card (max. 16Gb) gives you the ability to store 80 Million history records on-board!

Built-in technologies

Open up your building now and in the future, using Bacnet IP, Bacnet MSTP, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU and build your own drivers for free, using our API object.

HVAC Controls

Our programmable controller is ready to handle every kind of HVAC. The huge HVAC library opens up every project. Optimizers will make sure your system will start and stop at the right moment using no more energy than needed. They got schedulers on board with a holiday calendar, accessible through HTML5 web pages.

Free dashboard

The F-series have a built-in dashboard by Freeboard, an open source dashboard engine. This enables you to create a custom dashboard, using data from multiple controllers.

Wireless: WiFi and EnOcean

Through WiFi and our optional EnOcean gateway, we enable you to go wireless and save on wiring and mounting. This also means no downtime by installing your complete application wireless.

iFrame technology

The F-series support iFrame technology. Add ip-cameras (door/corridor) or any other web service such as a weather forecast to your HTML5 web pages, using our open source iFrame widgets.

Adapter widgets

Unleash your creativity by creating your own widgets for CPT graphics. This technology enables you to easily adopt third party JavaScript libraries like D3js, C3js, etc.