Niagara AX is a software framework and development environmental that solves the challenges associated with building internet-enabled products, device-to-enterprise applications and distributed internet-enabled automation systems. Niagara AX builds on the pioneering capabilities of Niagara R2, originally introduced in 1999, and the experience gained in deploying over 235.000 Niagara-based products worldwide. Niagara R2 introduced the concept of a communication protocol, to enable the implementation of seamless, internet-connected, web-based systems. Niagara AX takes that concept to the next level.

The core concept of Niagara is it’s unique, patented component model that transforms the data from diverse external systems into uniform software components. These components form the foundation for building applications to manage and control the devices. In Niagara R2, the component model focussed primarily on modelling data from the various systems to create a uniform data set for applications. The Niagara AX component model goes beyond unifying protocols and data from different kind of systems, to unify the entire development environment used to build applications.

On the product-pages you can find Niagara AX and Niagara 4 hardware and Legacy Drivers for Niagara AX & Niagara 4.