The importance of training cannot be underestimated. You need to know how to work with the EasyIO hardware and software if you want to provide high-level quality to your customers and achieve success. To help you with that EasyIO offers various training:

The training courses are the best way to get to know how to work with CPT Tools and the EasyIO F-series and Niagara AX & N4. Besides that, the courses are fun and a great opportunity to meet our team.

Please note that most of the training courses are in English, but occasionally also in French. To register for a training, check out the dates below and check there how to sign up.

Training dates


  • 16 & 17 September: CPT Tools & the F-series – Gemert, The Netherlands – more info and sign up via Sales

United Kingdom:

  • 24 & 25 September: CPT Tools & the F-series – London, UK – more info and sign up via Sales


We offer training almost globally: in our professional training center in Gemert, The Netherlands, but also in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Asia. It’s even possible to organise a training on site. If you would like more information about on site training, please get in contact with us.

Training in Gemert

Traveling to our professional training center in Gemert is easy. The airports of Eindhoven and Weeze are close to Gemert and offer cheap flights. If you land on one of those airports, we will pick you up and bring you to Gemert. We can also offer you a special deal for a very nice hotel near our location in Gemert (depending on availability).

Training in the US & Canada

There are several EasyIO certified trainers throughout the United States and Canada. If you’re interested in following a CPT Tools & the F-series training course in the United States or Canada, you can either contact them, or check the planned training dates below. Click here to see an overview of the certified trainers in the US and Canada.

Advanced workshops in the US

We have some advanced workshops planned in the United States in 2019. Click here to read more about these classes and to see an overview of the dates scheduled and the locations.